Jean-Philippe Riopel

Jean-Philippe Riopel (2013) | Vice President

Globe-trotting Montréaler and incorrigible collector, I spent my childhood cutting a path through the streets of Chinatown and the Red Light District with my father, who worked there as a policeman for 30 years. I then navigated the world, travelling through more than 40 countries, always keeping as my home base Montréal’s Chinatown, where I’ve been living on and off for 12 years now. I am passionate about the histories and the stories of my neighbourhood and the city. After studying museology, I decided to make my passion my profession. This came to be in 2013, with the Montréal guide training at the ITHQ and the acquisition of the license. End of 2014, a certain Martin Coutu knocked on my door, inviting me get involved with the APGT Board. It was the beginning of a colourful adventure!

Proud of the work accomplished with the outstanding team of the APGT Board, I am firmly convinced that the best is yet to come!