Louis Trudel


Louis Trudel (2020) | Vice President

Multilingual Montrealer with a passion for architecture. At 12, living in Rome, I would offer guided tours to the friends of my parents, showing off the Eternal City. At 15, I spent 10 months in Essen, Germany, immersed with a German family as part of a student exchange program. At the age of 18, my studies in philosophy brought me to Montreal, whose streets and alleys I quickly discovered as a bike messenger. 2007: I founded Semantikos, a translation business specializing in subtitling for film and television. 2020: I became a Montreal tourist guide, guiding on foot, bike and coach in the five EFIGS languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish). It is my newest passion. 2017: I joined the APGT Executive Board. My goal is to forge links between the APGT and other like-minded associations throughout the world.