Certified guide

What is a tourist guide?

Who are the tourist guides? What do we do?

  • Tourist guides conduct walking tours, biking, boat, coach and private tours.
  • Tourist guides are professionals who adapt their skill to any visit, pilgrimage, site inspection or orientation tour.
  • Tourist guides are Montréalers, by birth or adoption.
  • Tourist guides speak many languages. Most guides speak at least two languages (French and English), often more; collectively we speak over 17 different languages.
  • Tourist guides often have a specialty subject such as architecture, history of French settlers, the multicultural nature of the city, public art and many more.
  • Tourist guides are ambassadors for the city of Montréal and enjoy a fine reputation within the Montréal tourism industry and abroad.
  • APGT Tour guides have an excellent reputation which is envied all over North America.

How do you identify an official Montréal tourist guide?

  • Only Montréal and Québec City have trained local licensed tourist guides in Canada. Each year guides must renew their City of Montréal permit indicating they are licensed and have the legal right to conduct tours in Montréal for the current year.
  • All tourist guides in Montréal are required to wear this permit on their person during the performance of their duties. This is in accordance with the City of Montréal By-Law G-2. Consumers and visitors may ask at any time to see this permit, should it not be visible.

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  • Felix Perez
    4 years ago

    Hi am very interested in passing the course and obtaining my permission as a tour guide for Montreal.please contact me, on the other hand I will be insisting in contacting you in the maintime.tganks

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