What is a tourist guide?


Montréal guides are freelance workers.

They work with well-established tourism companies that offer guided tours within the territory of the city. Some of them have founded their own specialized small business or micro-company.

The tourist guide is a professional who shows great flexibility in all types of activities.

They can facilitate visits to a site, a building, a historical and/or cultural monument offering relevant commentary.

They can lead tours throughout the city via motorized vehicle, on foot and/or by bike.

They can lead, direct and inform different clienteles, of all ages and all origins, individual or in group – students, businesses or travellers – in order to enliven their discovery of the city and make their stay more enjoyable.

In addition to classic tours, they can offer various specialized tours, focusing on food, public art, architecture, history, design, etc.

You can explore the city through its various neighbourhoods (the gay village, the historic district, Little Italy, etc.) or by theme (fashion, jazz, Black heritage, etc.).

Plus, they can also fulfill other related service requests: welcoming (airport, train stations, conventions), activity facilitation, youth supervision, impersonation of historical characters, scouting tours or familiarization trips.

Most Montréal guides are bilingual (French and English). Collectively, they speak more than 15 different languages.

To book the services of a professional guide, please see the section “Hire a guide”.


All accredited guides in Montréal have successfully completed a mandatory training program recognized by the Québec Ministries of Tourism and Education. This course is provided by the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) and leads to an Attestation of College Studies (AEC).

Montréal and Québec City are the only two cities in Canada boasting an accreditation system for tourist guides. Each year, guides must renew their license from the City of Montréal, to have the right to offer tours within the city’s territory.

While on duty, all Montréal guides must carry their license for the current year, in accordance with By-Law G-2 of the City of Montréal. If it is not visible, a tour participant may, at any time, demand to see this license.

In addition to the City of Montréal license, the APGT members also carry a badge in the colours of the Association, including photo and official logo.

“All material bearing the logo and name of the APGT is property of the APGT and may be removed (if it is being used unlawfully by a person who is not a current APGT-member). Any person who unlawfully uses the APGT and its members name or material may be brought before a court of law.”